About Me

Samantha Brulotte

Who I am

A human fascinated by personal development and the mind, body, spirit connection.

A woman looking for her tribe of like minded souls- living strong, healthy, empowered, courageous lives full of passion and purpose.

A wife that wholeheartedly believes that great relationships are work. Not hard work, but mindful, love filled, conscious choice-making work performed by two individuals that show up day in, day out with the self-aware security that comes from working on yourselves.

A mother with a mission to lead by example. Doing the best she can until she knows better, in which she WILL do better.

A storyteller

A student of life

A teacher

A space holder

An emotional feeler

A self-healer

and so much more…

What will my blog offer you? What can you expect to find here on my page?

A different perspective maybe? Some food for thought?

I can tell you that my passionate intention is to inspire by sharing my journey to and through healthy living and holistic self-care.

Essential oils, mindfulness, simple self care practices, fitness, and food.

Life and love.

My intention is to create a space where women feel they can come to relate and resonate, feel inspired, feel less alone, gain self love, and maybe laugh a little… Hopefully laugh a lot!

As a hairstylist, I have had the joy and blessing of talking to many women who have walked so many different paths of life for over 8 years… I have compiled thought provoking conversations that inspire me, fuel my fire and desire to share.

On this page you can expect to find some of my musings.

The thoughts that consume my mind and push me to be the best version of myself, for myself and for others; my family, my friends, my clients, and YOU!

I have always been a writer, of sorts, in my heart and now more than ever, I want to share… I need to.

So at the very least, on this page, I pray you find a little of what you need.

I pray you find whatever brought you to my page.

I pray you find some community, healthiness, and happiness.